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Don’t Let Rodents Run the Roost

When it comes to rats and mice, residents won’t stand for them. In fact, according to a recent study by Orkin and the National Apartment Association (NAA)1, rodents are among the most hated pests by apartment renters. So it’s important to be vigilant and maintain a program of preventative measures to help avoid any potential threats to your reputation. 

A Worthy Adversary

Rodents are very adaptable and have advanced cognitive abilities. They can quickly learn how to avoid traps and develop complex pathways to food, so reactive efforts may not be enough. You need to be prepared, because rats can cause unease, health hazards and a major risk to your bottom line. 

Temperatures Drop, Risks Go Up

Unlike most pests, commensal rodents don’t hibernate during the winter. They’ll actively seek warmth and quickly begin reproducing. They are able to gain entry into your property through a variety of openings, from pipes to small holes in doors and walls. In fact, a mouse can get through a hole the size of a dime, while rats just need a hole the size of a quarter.   

Gnawing Away At Your Reputation

If residents see a rodent in their apartment or in the surrounding area, it could significantly damage your reputation and impact your business. 

Root Out Rodents

Once inside your property, rodents can do considerable damage. On top of that, they are very hard to control without a professional, so it’s vital to consult a pest control professional as soon as you’re aware of an issue. Preventive measures throughout the building should be your top priority. Communal areas must be properly maintained, and it may be necessary to alter the exterior landscape to make it more difficult for rodents to find shelter at your property.

Other proactive ways to help prevent rodents include:

  • Keeping communal areas clean
  • Storing all garbage in tightly sealed containers
  • Sealing all holes and crevices to prevent entry points
  • Cleaning up spills and standing water

Orkin technicians can help provide a comprehensive response and follow-up plan for addressing the issue. Then, once the immediate problems have been mitigated, we’ll develop a maintenance and monitoring program to help reduce the risk of another infestation.

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1Multifamily Industry Insights: Apartment Renter Attitudes Towards Pests And Pest Control, Orkin & the National Apartment Association, 2014.

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