Commercial Pest Control Services

Is Your Business Giving Pests What They Want?

They May Be Small, But Their Cost Can Be Huge

At Orkin, we are dedicated to helping to protect your reputation and your business, as well as helping to improve the lives of employees and customers, through quality commercial pest management. Since nuisance insects and animals could pose a risk to the safety and stability of buildings and products, we work hard to help prevent pest infestations before they start.

Our customized pest management services start with a professional initial assessment of your property, implementation of a customized pest management plan, and ongoing monitoring and improvement of your pest plan.

Through extensive inspections, our team of highly-trained pest control experts can identify existing pest problems, conditions in the building that are likely to attract pests, and environmental factors specific to your area that may lead to pest infestations. After inspection, your Orkin Man™ develops a customized treatment plan to address any pest issues and help avoid future problems.

Orkin believes in taking an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that includes physical exclusion techniques, sanitation, and non-chemical treatment options first before implementing a treatment option with products.

Our staff also continues to monitor your property to ensure your treatment plan is effective and successful. Whether your business suffers from issues with termites, rodents, flies, cockroaches, or you’re concerned about risk factors in your area, you can trust the commercial pest control specialists at Orkin to get the job done.

Orkin Commercial Services Triple Guarantee

2 x 24 Response Guarantee

When you see a pest, you need service right away—365 days a year. Orkin makes it easy with a direct priority line to our national customer service department and to your local branch. We’ll respond to your request within two hours and if needed have someone on-site at your facility within 24 hours—guaranteed.

Reimbursement Guarantee*

Should your company be fined by a regulatory agency due solely to a pest infestation, Orkin will reimburse you for the amount of those fines that are paid.

360° Satisfaction Guarantee

With Orkin, your satisfaction is guaranteed on all sides with three unique 60-day guarantees.

60 days complimentary service if you’re not satisfied with the way we begin our service – After you choose Orkin, we provide a 60-day guarantee of our service. If you’re not satisfied after the first 60 days, we reimburse you in full.

60 days complimentary service if you’re not satisfied at any time thereafter – At any time, if you are not completely satisfied with results of your regularly scheduled service, Orkin will provide complimentary service for up to 60 days until you’re satisfied.

60 days complimentary service by another provider if you’re still not satisfied – If you are still dissatisfied after 60 days of Orkin’s complimentary service and you wish to cancel our service, we will pay for the first 60 days of regular service by another provider of your choice.

*See Orkin agreement for details.

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