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Flies: A Flight Risk for Residents

No one likes flies, but most of the time people simply tolerate the nuisance. The reality is that flies can be a major health hazard. In fact, they’ve been known to carry and transmit up to 100 different pathogens, including Salmonella and E. coli. As a property manager, you need to be armed with more than a fly swatter if you’re going to successfully manage these elusive pests. 

Master Breeders

The adult fly is principally concerned with mating and laying eggs. While their lifespans can be short, flies are efficient breeders so their populations can grow very quickly. So communal areas like garbage zones can easily become a breeding ground.

Why Flies Like Apartments

Flies are attracted by much of what is readily available in your apartment units. If a resident fails to store food properly or is sloppy in food disposal, there is a heightened risk of attracting flies. A residential unit that does not take satisfactory preventative measures can become an ideal environment for flies. 

How to Fight Flies

As property manager, you are likely already aware of the fact that tenants come with varying sanitation practices, and some are more careful than others in their storage or disposal of food.Flies are on constant patrol for a place to feed and breed. Some populations can explode in a matter of just a few weeks. It’s also important to note that some fly species prefer warm temperatures and are most active from late spring to early fall. During this period, be sure to pay extra attention to conditions that might attract these winged invaders.

It is also necessary to remind residents how they can help by:

  • Disposing all food waste properly
  • Using mesh screens on windows and doors, where possible
  • Collecting and disposing of pet feces
  • Reporting any spills in communal areas 

Know When to Call the Experts

Even the most conscientious property manager can get beaten down by this little insect. One missed area could quickly be transformed by a surge in new flies. If this happens, it’s important to rely on highly trained professionals to help resolve the problem. Orkin has been in the pest control business for more than 100 years, and our technicians can help ensure your particular problem is treated quickly and effectively.

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