Restaurant Pest Control

Your Reputation is Everything

The success of your restaurant depends on its reputation. Your customers have virtually no tolerance for pests, and some also have a keen interest in the pest management approach restaurants take. So, it’s important to keep pests out in the most sustainable way possible.

Pest Control Down to a Science.®

Effectively managing pests in restaurants means addressing the root causes of pest problems, rather than addressing pest problems after they arise. The Orkin Man® will go even further by identifying the unique conditions that attract pests to your building in the first place. After all, no two restaurants are completely alike. Your trained Commercial Pest Specialist will customize a program specifically for your restaurant and recommend a variety of non-chemical methods to help prevent pests from getting into your restaurant in the first place.

Orkin’s A.I.M.® process includes:


Orkin will perform a thorough assessment to uncover why pests are infesting your establishment.

  • Complete inspections: These are conducted to reveal any sanitation problems or structural conditions that can attract pests.
  • Reports of pest activity: Reports will be provided after comprehensively examining the property for any evidence of pests.
  • Risk evaluation: Your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist will develop this evaluation by factoring in your establishment’s design, geography and any other features that may lead to pest activity.


Orkin continually works to develop a customized solution that suits your property’s unique needs.

  • Focus on prevention: When we can, we start with exclusion, sanitation and other non-chemical options.
  • Environmentally responsible: Your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist will choose the most effective—and environmentally responsible—products as possible to treat your pest problem
  • Sanitation consultation: Your Commercial Pest Specialist will consult with you to ensure your steps toward improved sanitation, maintenance and exclusion are effectively reducing potential pest “hot spots.”


  • Ongoing monitoring: During regular service inspections, Orkin will look for evidence of pest activity, identify conditions that can appeal to pests and determine whether your program is still working or needs adjustments.
  • Documentation and communication: Your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist will record all services performed, pest activity identified and any proposed next steps to improve your IPM program.

Expect the Best from Orkin

With more than a century of experience, Orkin helps protect restaurants across North America by offering pest management programs that are based in science. We’ll keep your pest control needs top-of-mind so you can focus on your patrons, not pest pressures.

Through Orkin’s Restaurant Precision Protection™ program, you can be sure your business is safe from the damage pests can cause. Your program will include:

  • Health inspection readiness: Developed especially for foodservice environments, our A.I.M. approach to pest control is thorough and ongoing to help ensure you’re ready when your health inspector arrives.
  • Discreet service visits: We will arrange our service visits around your establishment’s opening hours to remain as out of the picture as possible for your customers’ dining experience.
  • Rapid, effective response: Because pest problems can occur at any time, we provide fast, reliable and high-quality service to help you ensure a clean, safe dining experience.
  • Breadth and depth of experience: Our enduring presence in the foodservice industry and unwavering, nationwide service allow us to produce excellent results, regardless of where you’re located.

We Know Our Stuff

Orkin is actively involved in the foodservice industry. We stay up to date with the latest trends and issues that can affect your establishment.

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