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Why Your Residents Hate Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be traced back 320 million years, and even today few pests are able to generate a greater sense of fear and disgust. There are numerous types of the cockroach species in America, but none are welcome in a multifamily unit. No one is happy sharing their home with cockroaches, so tenants will want immediate action to have them removed and ensure they stay away. 

Cockroaches Like Apartments

It is not just an urban myth: cockroaches are hardy. They can withstand harsh conditions, and find sustenance in a variety of places. While cockroaches could may start in and around the main exterior garbage area, where food is plentiful, they can soon seek warmth and fresh food sources indoors. Apartment kitchens can provide the food and water they need to survive. 

One Cockroach Could Lead to Much More

Once cockroaches find a comfortable place, they are able to send out a signal for others to join them. As such, it is extremely important to take immediate action once signs of cockroach activity have been spotted. 

Serious Problems Require Serious Solutions

Cleanliness itself does not solve the problem, but it makes life a lot more difficult for cockroaches. A few simple steps can help keep the pests at bay and your tenants happier:

  • Monitor communal areas and clean up spills immediately
  • Regularly clean dark/damp areas
  • Store garbage in sealed plastic containers
  • Wrap or insulate pipes that have excess condensation
  • Inspect all apartment regularly 

Becoming more conscientious about tidiness is helpful, but insufficient once cockroaches have moved into your apartment block. Cockroaches are able to move from unit to unit using the shared plumbing and pipes. So while communal areas may have been the area that first attracted the cockroaches, these quick breeders are not easily spotted and the situation can easily spread to other parts of your property. As a property manager you should be looking for signs of cockroaches, such as droppings, cast skins and smear marks. 

Trust the Experts

Orkin has been in the business of pest control for more than 100 years, so our technicians are equipped with proven solutions for addressing a variety of problems. Since no two buildings are alike, we’ll develop a custom program based on your unique situation. Orkin’s Multifamily Precision Protection™ program offers minimally invasive pest control treatments geared specifically to your needs.

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