Rodents in Hospitality

Rodent Control in the Hospitality Industry

No Room for Rodents

Guests who arrive at your property expect certain requirements, including a clean room, a friendly atmosphere and all the features promised when they made the booking. A rodent sighting can quickly sour their experience—and ultimately damage your reputation.

But they aren’t just a risk to your reputation—rodents could pose a serious health problem. They have been known to carry a number of bacteria and diseases including Salmonella, Typhus, and Hantavirus.

Rodents Can Ruin Your Reputation

Rodents are not picky eaters and will soon stray from foraging around a dumpster to come inside your premises if there is an opportunity. Once inside, they can do considerable damage to the structure of your building gnawing away at drywall, insulation and even electrical wiring. Fixing the problem is likely to be more expensive than preventive measures.

Why Rodents Like Hospitality Properties

Rodents are attracted to any location with food, water and ideal temperatures. And when the temperatures drop, the risks for a rodent infestation go up. Even mild temperatures (in the mid-50s) will send rats and mice indoors, so it is very important you have effective barriers at your perimeter.

In addition to your landscaping and exterior amenities, kitchens are very attractive to rodents. Rats and mice can gain entry via shipments, drains, waste disposal areas and even ceilings. To help prevent the conditions that attract rodents, make sure:

  • All stored food is kept in sealed containers, off the floor
  • Spills are cleaned up immediately
  • Areas behind appliances are sealed
  • Waste is regularly removed

In a laundry room the areas behind and underneath laundry machines offer a perfect place for rodents to nest, so it’s important to:

  • Keep the room free from lint
  • Repair any water leaks immediately
  • Regularly clean drains with detergent

Waste and debris near loading docks or waste disposal areas are perfect for rodents. Consider:

  • Frequently sanitizing garbage dumpsters and cans
  • Keeping areas free of trash and discarded food
  • Regularly pressure washing around loading dock and waste disposal areas

Know When to Call the Experts

If there are signs of rodent activity, contact a pest management specialist. Your pest specialist will eliminate the rodent infestation with the least risk to your guests and your employees.

Once the rodents are under control, your Orkin pest specialist will draw up an action plan to help effectively keep rodents away. Regular monitoring will allow us to achieve your pest control goals, and all the work will be done with minimal inconvenience to your guests.

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