Roaches in Hospitality

Cockroach Control in the Hospitality Industry

Guests Don’t Like Cockroaches

Nothing says unsanitary like cockroaches in your establishment. Many surveys find guests rank hygiene and cleanliness as their number one priority when they check-in to a hotel. Failure to deliver such a basic service can result in a tarnished reputation and empty rooms.

Cockroaches Are a Threat to Your Business

Cockroaches can transmit a variety of bacteria including Salmonella and E. coli. Not only are you putting your guests’ health at risk with an infestation, the unsanitary conditions are likely to be financially damaging. Cockroaches are also quick breeders, so if immediate action is not taken, the problem can rapidly grow into a crisis.

The average person could look at dozens of websites before booking a hotel. Any comments that link cockroaches to your property are likely to have an impact on the final decision to book a room. If your property has a restaurant or dining area, you also face regular health inspections, which require consistently good scores in order to stay open.

Why Cockroaches Love Hospitality Properties

Everywhere you look there are opportunities for cockroaches to thrive. Guest rooms, kitchens, vending areas, pools, laundry rooms and waste disposal areas are all attractive to cockroaches because they provide some of the elements for survival: food, water and shelter.

It is vital for all staff to remain aware of the risks and the signs of pest activity. Make sure you instruct all employees to:

  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Store garbage in sealed containers
  • Dispose of all discarded food and packaging immediately
  • Keep exterior doors shut
  • Sanitize garbage dumpsters frequently

Dealing with Cockroaches

While it is much better to take steps to help prevent cockroaches from entering your premises in the first place, if they do breach your perimeter, call a pest control expert immediately.

An Orkin pest specialist can help identify the location of the cockroaches and discover the attractants. A plan of action will be designed for your unique problem, and then implemented to ensure the situation is addressed. Where necessary, door sweeps will be fitted and cracks and holes will be sealed to create a stronger perimeter for your building. And we always make sure to use the most environmentally conscious products available.

We Are Serious About Cockroaches

For more than 100 years Orkin has been at the forefront of pest control. Each pest specialist receives 160 hours of training in the first year alone, and he or she will have a comprehensive understanding of the latest industry standards.

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