Flies in Healthcare

Fly Control in the Healthcare Industry

The Problem with Flies

Flies have been known to transmit more than 100 disease-carrying germs, so keeping them out of your facility should be a top priority. Plus they’re constantly on the move, so contamination can spread quickly. While the lifespan of a fly is short, in the right conditions it can, in a matter of days, lay enough eggs to spawn a major problem. This is especially dangerous in a building that has so many sterile rooms and equipment.

Why are Flies Attracted to Healthcare Facilities?

From food sources to odors, there are many attractants for flies in healthcare facilities. Kitchens tend to be very busy, and food is delivered and consumed throughout the building. Issues start to occur when spills or discarded food are not immediately cleaned and removed. In addition to food, flies are attracted to trash areas, autopsy rooms and laundry rooms.

How can You Help Prevent Flies?

With so many high-traffic areas, pest prevention is difficult. However, having the appropriate preventive measures in place can help.

Start by reminding your staff to:

  • Clean up all spills
  • Keep mesh screens on windows and doors closed, where possible
  • Keep all communal areas clean

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Having worked in the pest control industry for more than 100 years, we can help you anticipate potential pest problems and help prevent them from becoming a major concern. We’ll take the pressure off your team to help ensure their focus is where it needs to be—on patient care.

We service more than 10,000 healthcare customers across North America and have built our reputation by being at the forefront of best practices in this industry. Our commitment to excellence means you’ll get the protection and support you need to maintain your reputation, as well.

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