Roaches in Healthcare

Cockroach Control in the Healthcare Industry

Why are Cockroaches a Problem for Healthcare Facilities?

No insect is likely to generate more fear and disgust among patients in a healthcare facility than cockroaches. If they are spotted, this can be an instant indicator that your facility is not as clean as you think and you may be putting already vulnerable people at risk. What’s more, a major infestation can even attract unwanted media attention and potentially have dire consequences for your facility’s reputation.

How can Cockroaches Compromise Patient Safety?

Cockroaches have been known to spread more than 30 different kinds of bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli. Not only can they contaminate food, they can threaten the sterile environment of operating and patient rooms. Cockroaches can also be a threat to asthma sufferers, because the saliva, feces and shedding body parts can be kicked up into the air, creating respiratory problems particularly for children and the elderly.

Why do Healthcare Facilities Attract Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are attracted to healthcare facilities because they offer warmth, food and water in abundance. Your facility has a number of at-risk areas under one roof. There are food areas, communal areas, a very busy laundry unit and high-traffic entryways.

Thankfully, there are some proactive steps you can start implementing today to help:

  • Keep all communal areas clean
  • Store food on shelves off the ground
  • Keep all food surfaces clean
  • Remove cardboard shipment boxes from the facility immediately
  • Monitor laundry areas regularly

Know When to Call an Expert

While prevention is definitely the top priority, if cockroaches are spotted, it’s important to respond with efficient and effective expertise.

On arrival, an Orkin pest specialist will conduct a detailed inspection to find all entry points and potential pest attractants. Since no two facilities are exactly the same, we will draw up a program designed specifically to suit your needs. Your Healthcare Precision Protection™ program will focus on the unique pest pressures facing your facility.

Trust Us to Help You

Orkin is second to none when it comes to training in the pest control industry. In fact, the best practice guidelines for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in healthcare facilities from AHE were co-authored by Orkin experts.

We believe it is important for our pest specialists to be seen as part of your team. We are focused on your commitment to be a zero pest tolerance facility. Like you, patient safety is our number one concern.

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