About Commercial Pest Control Services

Pests mean serious business. Whether it’s cockroaches, flies, rodents or bed bugs, a pest infestation — even a single sighting — can damage your reputation and your profits in the form of negative customer experiences, disease, poor health inspection scores and more. Additionally, ineffective pest management efforts can waste valuable time and while leaving your property vulnerable to external pressures.

At Orkin, we’ve been proving ourselves in the pest control industry for more than 100 years, and our Commercial Pest Control services are designed to help protect your business from pests and the threats they pose.

We know that no two commercial properties or pest issues are the same, so we develop a program that’s grounded in science and specifically designed for your unique situation. Our Integrated Pest Management approach, called A.I.M., starts with a detailed assessment of the factors that may be attracting pests to your facility, from your building’s design to geography and climate—anything that points to how pests can get in or why they might want to. Then, we work with you to implement a custom Precision Protection™ program based on our findings. This treatment plan emphasizes proactive techniques, such as exclusion and sanitation, and relies on chemical methods only as a last resort.

Finally, since pests don’t take a vacation, we don’t either. The Orkin Man® is on the clock year-round to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of your program. If things change at your facility, we’ll modify your plan to adjust to any new conducive conditions that may have surfaced since our last visit. On top of that, you’ll receive extensive documentation of all services performed, pest activity and more.

Why Choose Orkin?
It’s no coincidence that more North American businesses put their trust in Orkin than in any other pest management provider. We’ve invested millions to develop award-winning training programs to make sure our technicians, who receive 160 hours of training their first year alone, are equipped with the most advanced tools and techniques in our industry. Plus, our Triple Guarantee means we’re not satisfied until you are.

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